Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let's Celebrate For A Little - 1K Visitors!

This is a special day for the Developer On Line-DOL- blog. Today the number of unique visitors on this blog reached more or less the astronomical amount of 1024! Before making a little fun a sincere thanks to everybody that has visited this page and specially to anybody that is subscribed on the blog's feeds. Now I think it is time to introduce better, but in short, the story behind this blog and prove why it should keep ...existing!

It started in early September with the first 'Hello World' post. Initially I planned to keep it strictly technical but it is not easy to resist broadening the subjects (sticking your nose everywhere is the right expression!). One thing I have kept is the blog being ad-free and I plan to keep it that way. It is nice to have a clean place for me to write and for you to read.

Trying to post original material is also in the 'routine'. The book stacking problem post is a good example on that. I won't say that everything here is 100% 'cotton' (this is your job!) but I confess having canceled posts that I found that had nothing new to add compared to other web sites. There is no meaning in reposting news, or republishing articles or code that is already there and is freely accessible.

Despite being around for almost 6 months, it is true that I have not been so productive. There are a total of 20 posts in this period that equal to less than 1 post per week. DOL promises to intensify the posting process and has already masterminded and executed the perfect business plan for that. I only have to wait for today's lottery and these six numbers to come up and I will be devoted in this blog for the rest of my life...!

Some statistics now. You may have noticed that this blog is using Google Analytics to measure blog traffic. It is an easy and nice way to keep track of how people find our page and how they navigate inside it. By understanding how people get to your page, you can increase blog traffic and although I do not earn money from this, it helps me in asserting the quality of the content. Here is some statistics of the countries that have visited this blog. US and Greece stands out, much ahead than other countries(UK, India etc) The main sources come from search engines in which DOL generally ranks pretty well.
DOL visitors in six months

Once again, thanks to everybody.

PS. Now that DOL has this enormous influence, it officially endorses Barack Obama for President of the US!

If he loses, DOL invites him to Greece; we urgently need a Prime Minister and we desperately need change...


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αντε να φυγει ο χοντρος

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gargle! gargle!
i hope ya reach 1T visitors!