Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Netscape Navigator (1994-2008)

Netscape Navigator or simply Navigator is DEAD.
On December 28th 2007, AOL announced that will no longer support Navigator.
You can find the original announcement here. It has already been filled with comments.

Indeed, this is huge news. I mean, ok, we already knew that Netscape did have a tiny percent of Internet users, but it cannot be doubted that Netscape has been one if the most innovative software companies and that the Navigator is 'responsible' for the massive explosion of the Web. An amazing variety of technologies were first explored by Netscape: SSL and Javascript are some of them. One clue, it is top in the PC World's List of 50 best Tech Programs. In an era when only a few people were actually aware of the so-called World Wide Web, in a period during which even Microsoft was too busy with productivity software, actually overlooking Internet opportunities and considering it a 'fad', it was Netscape Communications that created the definition of the "killer app".

The actual story of Netscape is also fascinating (The great browser battle, Navigator vs. Explorer is now history), including stock gain records, mythical quarterly revenues, innovations, trials and many other leading to the decadence and death. You can find a very nice article here.

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